When you've achieved success and fame in your life and have the ability to live anywhere, where would you go? The late Wilford Brimley who achieved fame in Hollywood chose a ranch near Greybull and Shell, Wyoming and there are pictures showing what his life there was like.

We lost Wilford Brimley in August of 2020. He gained fame from the movie The Natural with Robert Redford along with numerous TV appearances. You might remember that he portrayed a blacksmith on the Kung Fu TV series in 1975. That was appropriate as Wilford had his own blacksmith shop on his Wyoming ranch. Here are some pictures from the ranch when it was listed for sale back in 2014 as reported by Lohud.

Pics of the Late Wilford Brimley's Wyoming Horse Ranch

Wilford reluctantly sold his Wyoming ranch as his health declined for $1,150,000 according to the Hall & Hall Ranch listing. Wilford suffered from diabetes and was remembered fondly by many after he passed in August of 2020.

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Wilford Brimley could have lived anywhere after he achieved fame and fortune. He chose a quiet ranch in Wyoming. That fact just adds to the many reasons why we appreciated the man and now miss his presence in our state.

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