In the land of cowboys and rig workers, I was surprised to find out that Wyoming has some of the biggest Star Wars fans in the country, especially compared to the majority of other states.

May the 4th is Star Wars Day

For those that don't know, every year on May 4th, we celebrate Star Wars Day. That date was chosen for the obvious pun of the famous Star Wars line: may the Force be with you (a la "may the fourth be with you").

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Wyoming is Tenth for Having the Biggest Star Wars Fans

The website (not to be confused with wookie, aka Han Solo's buddy Chewbacca, although that would have been crazy cool), crunched the numbers using Google Analytics data from the last four years to rate all fifty states by their individual Star Wars fandom. Wyoming was ranked 10th overall.

Whether your a super fan, a casual viewer, or completely new to the Star Wars universe, there is good news for you. Right now, all the Star Wars movies, televisions series, animated shows and more, are all now streaming on Disney+.

Enjoy the holiday and may the Force be with you! Oh, and remember, we nerds will keep it going tomorrow with Revenge of the Fifth (like Revenge of the Sith).

By the way, thank you George Lucas. None of this would be possible without your vision, imagination and genius. There are generations all over the world that share kinship because of your creations.

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