For Star Wars Day (as a self-proclaimed super fan), I decided to get a Star Wars-themed tattoo. After narrowing it down to two choices, a lightsaber or the Millennium Falcon, I offered the final decision up to the listeners.

What Star Wars Tattoo Should DJ Nyke Get Poll Results

The highest vote was for both, but time (and money) dictated I go with the second highest choice... which was the Millennium Falcon! I guess I'll just have to get the lightsaber next year!

It's worth noting, as a young child, I was not a fan of the Millennium Falcon.. at all! I couldn't understand how it flew correctly with it not being symmetrical (ya know, like an X-wing or TIE Fighter), but as I got older and understood more about the actual science of true space travel, I found out it actually doesn't have to be. That changed my entire outlook on the ship and now it's one of my favorites!

Dj Nyke's Millennium Falcon Tattoo
DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

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