There is a new product pitched on late night television that simply does not need to exist. It's called the 'Face Blanket' and is being widely satirized on social media today, and for good reason.

The Face Blanket is a small blanket made of fleece with an air hole for your nose. It was designed for people with cold faces. (???) I'm sorry, maybe I'm insensitive, but I don't ever recall complaining that my face was ever cold enough to justify putting a small fleece on.

Here. Let me save you some money. Grab a blanket and some scissors. Cut a hole in the center of it. Boom. I just saved you $10.00.

Apparently the guy who came up with it knows it's a dumb idea, because the second half of the ad makes fun of it, and talks about OTHER uses . . . like hiding your face when you don't want to talk to someone at a party.