Now that Halloween is over the spoils of trick-or-treating can be enjoyed. I am personally still stunned at the outpouring of support Casperites gave for, in my opinion, the worst candy ever invented, candy corn.

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Last Thursday (October 29th, 2020) we posted a poll asking how many people actually liked the hard candy and over 79% said they did! That's over 3/4 of the voting. In addition the votes, there were over 60 comments on our Facebook page, the majority of which proclaimed their love the candy.

We just have to know! Because we think it's the worst Halloween candy ever!

Posted by 104.7 KISS-FM on Thursday, October 29, 2020

This is undeniable proof that a lot of online studies are hogwash, but for the last few years, different sources have claimed candy corn is the least favorite candy, pretty much everywhere. Apparently those studies need to ask more Casperites.

I will concede. Although I don't personally like the flavor, it appears I am in the minority.

*It's worth noting that my one of my co-workers think he's funny. I found this in my studio the day after initially posting the poll. Well played, prankster... well played.*  

DJ Nyke with Candy Corn
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