Here at the radio station we like to talk about food. We like to write about food. And, yes, we like to eat good food, too. We often debate who has the best biscuits and gravy or best chicken fried steak. A lot of the same places always come up in these conversations. One of these places is Plow’s Diner, and we are not the only ones talking.

Casper’s own Plow’s Diner was the first restaurant mentioned in’s article “These 10 Secret Restaurants In Wyoming Are Unforgettable.” Plow’s is often the dark horse in local competitions. Places like Eggington’s, HQ Southern BBQ, and Sherrie’s Place often grab the spotlight. If you’ve never been to Plow’s, you probably drove right past it. Maybe they don’t get the props they deserve because of Plow’s location or decor. But some locals are quick to call Plow’s their favorite.

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