Attention, 'Harry Potter' fans: You have one equal-parts Potterhead and rap enthusiast to thank for the incredible 'Harry Potter' rap you're about to enjoy.

One die-hard 'HP' and rap fan wrote into 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' to request a 'Harry Potter'-themed rap. Fortunately, Roots rapper Tariq just so happens to be a huge fan of the franchise -- and he can spit a pretty good rhyme.

Dropping 'Harry Potter'-isms like Butterbeer and Gryffindor, Tariq wastes no time in describing the tale of The Boy Who Lived.

"Magical young man from the Badlands / On the run from the prisoner of Azkaban," Tariq raps. "Hermione was like his best friend / And his homeboy Ron was his right-hand."

"Harry was humbled more in the presence of Dumbledore," he continues. "But mention Voldemort and it makes him want to rumble more."

LOL! Watch the hilarious 'Harry Potter' rap in the video above.