Eat your hearts out, 'Real Housewives of (Insert City),' because the Saturdays are officially the hottest girls on the block. These ladies are sure to drive all the neighborhood boys wild!

In the group's latest clip for 'Gentleman,' Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Vanessa and Una are carrying on with rather mundane lawn work, though they're doing so in full hair and makeup, as well as luxurious pink gowns and fabulous dresses. Careful your trains don't get caught in your mowers, girls!

The quintet eventually have a rendezvous with their male counterparts (who are actually just the Sats dressed in androgynous tuxedos) in the middle of the street. Each girl finally meets her match as he awards her with gifts like flowers, chocolates and, in Frankie Sandford's case, an engagement ring!