We get inside our own heads and think, "Well, it will look really good on me eventually."

Let's start off by asking ourselves, "Does anything really fit us in the first place?" I don't know about you, but I always fall in between sizes. The smaller size is too snug and the next size up is baggy. It's a never-ending battle of finding the perfect fit. Sure, you can have things altered, but that's added dollars that a girl on a budget just isn't interested in spending.

So we settle and hope that one day it will work.

I have a bachelorette weekend that I am going to soon and since I hardly take trips like this nor have many friends planning weddings, I decided to treat myself to a little black dress. Classy and simple, slimming and versatile. Unfortunately, I found myself in between sizes. Or, better yet, fitting perfectly in one size on top and in another size on the bottom. #GirlProbs. So, I battled with the two evils before deciding that the stretch of the dress would save me on the bottom.

Now we're in the uber-clean-eating portion of the program.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Maybe we don't have a choice. Maybe we feel that this article of clothing will finally be the motivating factor we have to get our rear end in gear! We all do it. I just happen to do it in and around holidays that involve my favorite foods, i.e. Fourth of July cheeseburgers and homemade Big Red ice cream. Oh, it also doesn't help if your husband is a big fan of the taco stand across the street that offers $2 margaritas for happy hour.

Like I said, the struggle is real.

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