For this Throwback Thursday, I decided to mix it up even more. Time to add another genre in the mix. Today the spotlight is on Canadian Punk Rock band, Sum 41. The original group consisted of lead singer/guitarist: Deryck Whibley, drummer/vocalist: Steve Jocz, lead guitar/vocals: David Baksh and bass guitar/vocals: Jason McCaslin.

Sum 41 has since gone through a few line-up changes with only Whibley and McCaslin still on from the original roster. Regardless, the boys opened me up for a lot of other rock genres and groups, such as Green Day, Kittie, P.O.D., Statik X and Primer 55. I was also super envious Whibley married Avril Lavigne.

At any rate... keep rocking on boys!!!

Sum 41, Getty Images