For this week's Throwback Thursday video, we take a time machine trip back to 1992 with Sisters With Voices, or more commonly, SWV.

The trio of ladies that make up the group are Coko, Taj and Lelee (who I still have a crush on). SWV jumped onto the R&B scene in the 90's and had a quite a few hit singles. One of my favorites is the remix of "Right Here". Although there are several different versions of the song, my favorite is the one remixed by Teddy Riley using a Michael Jackson of Human Nature. There's even a duet version that blends the two songs together perfectly. This song/remix also marks the first time I ever heard Pharrell Williams voice (although I didn't know it was him until today). He can be heard in the background at the 2:48 mark saying S-W-V. He's come along way since then.