So here we are, just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving.  As I reflect on the many family gatherings around the “big bird” with all the trimmings, I can’t help but think about my Grandma’s homemade crescent rolls, all neatly nestled together in her glass casserole dish, brushed with melted butter, and served up with her homemade raspberry jam that usually won her a blue ribbon at the county fair.  It also made me think that if someone in my family thinks about all the great Thanksgiving dinners we’ve had, what they might think I make the best... besides a run to Pizza Hut!  Who in your family makes the best dishes for Thanksgiving?

My mom always won the prize for her stuffing, it was so good, and yes, she stuffed it all inside the turkey.  She was also famous for her pumpkin pie, the crust was amazing, not too soggy, but all the flavors of the pumpkin filling were also absorbed into the crust so that every bite was amazingly good.  My sister Peggy, who prides herself on being a bit more culinary, always made the best appetizers, while my sister Mary, who at one time, didn’t know how to cook at all, comes up with something every year that surprises everyone, especially when it comes to her green bean casserole.

In talking with other families, I hear all sorts of great stories of their families making the best (fill in the blank here) for Thanksgiving.  What Thanksgiving dish do you, or a member of your family make every year that’s turned into a family tradition at the Thanksgiving Day table?