I'm a daddy. I love taking my daughter out to explore new things. So far we've pretty much tackled everything her little body can keep up with. From gymnastics to the art museum. Bouncy castles to outdoor parks and hikes. Now I want her to enjoy a movie theater experience and witness the glory of the Star Wars universe on the big screen.

Up to this point, I'm acclimated her by introducing the Lego cartoon, and she seems to have been digging those. The new 'Star Wars: Rebels' is something that might be a little dark in some spots, but she likes those too. We finally stepped up to the adult movies, and she is absolutely in LOVE with the films while watching them in the comfort of our home. But is she ready for the full-on movie-going experiences?

See, problem is, I tried before. And failed. Total crash and burn! Even after buying her the popcorn and gummy bears she would not set foot into the movie theater. She said it was too loud and dark. I guess 4 years old is too young? Or is it?

Parents bring their kids to movies when they are babies. We all know, we've heard them crying ;) Still, how does a parent prepare the younger one for their first movie going experience? And, in my case, how do we get them to not be AFRAID of a theater?

Maybe I'm just rushing things? I dunno. I just love movies and think she would love seeing one too. That is, if I can just get her INTO the theater. And we know gummy bears won't do the trick..

A little help?