Growing up in the cowboy state there are certain things that bug you more and more as you get older. It could be that you hear things over and over again, or you hear things like "why do you need all those guns?"

So I've compiled a list of things that I can not stand hearing from people who are not from Wyoming.

1. As you probably already know, we LOVE our guns. So please quit saying things like "wow you have a lot of guns." Or "do you really need another gun?" More than likely the answer will always be yes.

2. Now I know this next one may sound like it doesn't happen but believe me it does. People from out of state have actually asked me "Where are all the cowboys and Indians?"

3. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more annoying. Having people come here to visit and asking us locals, "why do you still live here? You know there are warmer places outside of Wyoming." Yes, we do know that. We live here for a reason. Now go back to your sunshine state and leave us alone.

4. "Do you guys have internet?" I don't even think this warrants a response.

5. Time and time again I've been asked if I rode a horse to school. This has only happened when I travel out of state. But when I get asked this question I cannot help but laugh hysterically and tell them, yes yes I do and the school paid to feed and stable my horse.

Of course, this post is made in good humor, so please take it with a grain of salt and know this is one man's opinion.

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