We've all been there. You've just finished a marathon shopping session at Wal-Mart and your buggy is loaded down with essentials like economy sized packs of toilet paper and all those other fun things you'd rather not spend your Saturday shopping for. You roll towards check out and that's when it hits you, there's a line 10 deep at each and every available check out. As you wonder if the deep discounts and savings are worth it, you sigh and wedge yourself in between an elderly woman who is clearly getting ready to pay with a check and a mother with five screaming kids. YAY!!! Big fun, right? Like I said, we've all been there, but Wal-Mart has an answer... Smartphone checkout at 200 stores! Apparently, they have already rolled out the Scan & Go program in about 70 stores and they're ready to expand. I call next!!!