In my last 18 years living in Casper, I have noticed a lot of residents complain about grocery shopping, in particular, at Walmart.

While at certain times, specifically holidays like Thanksgiving and Black Friday, it can become somewhat hectic, but as far as the general shopping experience, I really enjoy Walmart.

For one, I like that I can pretty much get everything at one place. If I'm being honest, the days of having to go to both K-mart and Albertson's was kind of a pain (yes, I just aged myself, but the young bucks need to recognize the hardship).

For two: they are cheap. There are several different theories as to why, but plain and simple, I'm going to wherever I can save the most money.

The skinny is I really don't see the major complaint. What... you see too many people you know? People dress like they don't care? So? The experience is NOT that bad.

If you want to ignore people, do what I do: throw in some headphones and jam out to your favorite tunes or of course, you can always stream 104.7 Kiss FM from your phone using our app and listen live (shameless plug).

Also, the COVID-19 pandemic is making it easier to shop incognito. Throw on a face mask and a hoodie and you can pretty much hide your identity like the true shopping ninja that you are.

PS - Please don't inquire about the origins of that photo. Just know it was during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and someone warned me about my fly. That's the end of the story.

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