To All East Side Walmart Employees & Shoppers,

I want to take a moment of your time to apologize for a most unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that remained unchecked for the majority of my grocery shopping experience last week (October 23rd, 2019).

While I'm not sure if I forgot to zip up my jeans after my last bathroom trip or if the zipper went down on its own, I have no idea how long my under britches were showing (which I am at least glad that they were clean and hole-free, so as not to show my nether regions).

Why wait over half a week to apologize? That's a good question. The answer is simple. I had a similar issue during my most recent trek to Wally World, this time at the west side location.

While again I'm not sure if this was due to a lack of paying attention or a more serious issue with my wardrobe, I just want to assure folks, but friends and strangers alike, that this is not on purpose.

You, the people of Casper, deserve better of me and I will strive to make sure this never happens again in the future.

Yours Truly,

DJ Nyke

P.S. - I also want to take this time out to thank all the strangers for not laughing and pointing, but to the handful or more of my friends and family that I ran into, both times, you should be ashamed! Help ya boy out in the future! I'd do it for you.

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