I'm almost afraid to share this bear video I've come across. My fear is that a touron will see it and think that bears are like cuddly humans. They're not although this mama bear does seem to have some very human-like scratching abilities.

See if you don't think that this black bear is acting like a middle-age person just chilling in the yard.

The family that witnessed this mellow bear moment described it like this:

We were on vacation when a mama bear and three cubs decided to hang out around our cabin. I took the video from inside the cabin of the mama bear scratching her belly.

This mama bear might look all laid back and cuddly, but they can turn on a dime like these bears did.

From what I can tell, it appears this tender bear moment happened near Gatlinburg, Tennessee which is thick with black bears. Fortunately, this family knew well enough to stay safely inside and not try to give the bear a hug.

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