What happens when you compile an entire summer's worth of trail cam videos for educational purposes? This. An actual working Wyoming ranch teamed up with a program at the University of Wyoming to learn more about the wildlife that also call the ranch areas home.

This video was captured by Lonetree Ranch a couple years ago, but has just now been shared. Lonetree got together with the University of Wyoming Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources for what you're about to see. It's the Working Lands for Wildlife study by the University of Wyoming. Here's their description of what the concept is:

The nation’s rural landowners, its farmers, ranchers, and forest owners, provide not only food and fiber for the world, but also a host of environmental benefits, including habitat for wildlife.

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They identified 7 species in decline whose populations could be positively affected by this study. You'll see more than 7 species on this trail cam population, but that's the general idea.

Note: as you'll see from the time stamp on the video, the compilation technically begins  in May of 2019. It's a veritable who's who of Wyoming wildlife including some moose and a lot of mule deer along with some cows who venture by and decide to vogue for the camera.

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