What once seemed like merely science fiction, might now end up being the future of firearms.

Enter the Biofire - Smart Gun

A Bloomfield, Colorado-based company, called Biofire has created the first commercially available smart gun.

What is a Smart Gun?

According to Wikipedia:

A smart gun is a firearm that can detect its authorized user(s) or something that is normally only possessed by its authorized user(s).

Smart guns have one or more systems that allow them to fire only when activated by an authorized user. Those systems typically employ RFID chips or other proximity tokens, fingerprint recognition, magnetic rings, or mechanical locks. They can thereby prevent accidental shootings, gun thefts, and criminal usage by persons not authorized to use the guns.

The brief, 1-minute video below, breaks down some of the features of Biofire's new smart gun.

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As a gun owner myself (and a U.S. Marine), the safety of my home is always paramount, but so is the safety of my family. The option of owning a gun that only be fired by is appealing.

The price tag on the Biofire Smart Gun is around $1500.00 for the base model. The majority of my current pistols cost about half that, but with none of the biometric safety protocols, which overall, seems like a small price to pay.

The official Biofire Facebook recently posted a video along with a caption that stated:

Did you know the Smart Gun results from more than five years of R&D with gun owners and defense experts alike? At Biofire, reliability is our number one priority. Detail-obsessed engineers designed every feature of your Smart Gun to provide you with ease of use and peace of mind in home defense firearms ownership. Join Bryan as he takes us through the rapid prototyping process that brought you the Smart Gun. Learn more at smartgun.com/technology #unlockbiofire #prototyping #design #safety

I'm curious to see one these smart guns up close and personal. It does appear that Biofire has covered all the naysayers concerns. As a primarily left-handed shooter, I'm also a big fan of the alternate placing of the fingerprint scanner, as well as the 3D facial recognition.

Here's to the first step in firearms of the future.

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