If you think you've had a rough 2020 so far, then this video should make you feel 100% better about your life.

A new viral video has been making its round all over social media thanks to the Spanish TikTok account, Momentos Virales. The video shows a women in line at a grocery store, wearing a face mask and holding a toddler little girl. That seems innocent enough, right? All of sudden, a different women walks up and grabs the child from the mother. That seems like it would start a fist fight, but apparently, the masked women grabbed the wrong child. The second woman points down the aisle to the masked woman's child.

The video's caption is in Spanish and reads:

Y el premio para la madre del año es para

The English translation means:

And the award for mother of the year goes to

It's worth noting that this is only funny, because the child was neither hurt or harmed in anyway. It's also funny that the entire thing was caught on camera and no punches were thrown. Both parties seem to be fairly amused, although the lady that grabbed the wrong kid was clearly embarrassed. In her defense, both of the little girls had on the exact same colored coat and hat.

So there you have it. No matter how bad your 2020 has been so far, it hasn't been "picked up the wrong the baby, in a grocery store, during a global pandemic and have the entire thing caught on camera for your embarrassment forever" bad.

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