We very often remind tourists and very other visitors to this area that they should always try to avoid the wildlife. It's normally a good idea for us locals to do the same. But there are the rare occasions when the animals do need a bit of human aid, in this case, when trapped by a man made barrier.

In the video below, an elk calf managed to get itself caught in a barbed wire fence in Kremmling, Colorado, a few weeks back.

A gentlemen by the name of Brad Probst comes to the rescue of the animal by cutting the barb wire near where the animal's rear hoof was caught. Brad was already in the midst of doing repairs on the fence when he initially spotted the calf.

As soon as Mr Probst freed the calf, it ran off into the sun. You can hear Brad say in the video:

You're welcome!

Not all heroes wear capes and most don't even get the recognition they deserve. So good job, Brad... in case no one else bothers to tell you.

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