This just in. I'm not known as a real sentimental type. Maybe this will change that. It's an ultra-sweet moment when a 2-year-old girl bonded with her tiny pony. Believe it or not, it gets even better than that.

Here's some backstory as shared in the description of the video that was recently dropped on YouTube. The little 2-year-old is the daughter of the woman who captured the video. The tiny pony is named Cali and was adopted from a horse rescue.

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As the story goes, Cali had never been ridden before he became a part of this family. My understanding is that he would not allow anyone to get close to him possibly due to past abuse.

That was until Cali became best friends with her 2-year-old. Just watch their interaction.

As you can see in her video share, now Cali allows the little girl to hug him, brush and ride. Whatever damage this horse suffered in the past is now a distant memory.

There's a neat website that lists many of the horse rescue organizations across the country called A Home For Every Horse. One horse rescue they list for Wyoming is Casa Ventosa Rescue in Cheyenne.

There's no doubt a lot of really bad things happening in the world these days. This isn't one of them. Thanks to this mom for a sweet video share showing what a little girl's love can do for an animal that needs it. The world indeed does need more cowboys (and cowgirls too).

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