When you think of music in Wyoming, hopefully one of the first names that comes to mind is Chris LeDoux. Here's a weird fact for you: Chris isn't actually from Wyoming.

I had a friend bring this up to me and I have to confess I really hadn't given it any thought before. Chris LeDoux was born in Biloxi, Mississippi on October 2, 1948. As Wikipedia confirms, his dad was in the Air Force which meant the LeDoux family moved a lot.

The legend goes that Chris learned to ride horses on his grandparent's Wyoming farm and he did go to high school in Cheyenne. Cheyenne Central High School to be specific.

Before Mississippi starts getting all cocky about Chris being born there, Wyoming can argue that once Chris discovered Wyoming, he never left. Take that, Mississippi.

Side note: if you've never taken the time to visit Chris LeDoux Memorial Park in Kaycee, Wyoming, you really need to.

One other note about Chris LeDoux and his relationship with his birth state of Mississippi. When GAC created a show remembering Chris LeDoux, there are zero references to his time in the south. It's all Wyoming through and through.

No one gets to choose where they're born, but I'd put cash money on Wyoming being the place Chris would have chosen if given the chance. Look at it this way, Mississippi. You still have the honor of being the hardest state to spell.

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