Nothing will ruin your outdoor fun quicker than being attacked by the pterodactyl sized Wyoming mosquitos. There is a whole section of many stores that are dedicated to selling you the best options to keep those pesky bugs away.

With so many products on the market, how do you pick the right one that actually works.

There are many old wives tales that say you don't need the bug sprays that include DEET, there are companies that have designed bracelets that are supposed to release a natural scent to keep the pesky skeeters away, and there are even app companies that SAY they've created the ultimate app that keeps the skeeters away by just emitting a sound.

There is always a concern about whether certain chemicals, like DEET, are harmful to you or your children. According to an EPA study in 2014, there is very little human health risk because of DEET, as long as it is used on the skin and not consumed. DEET doesn't really harm the insects, but covers any appeal the bugs would have due to your scent.

Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide that we give off and they're built to be attracted to body heat, sweat and odors that your skin gives off. Also, dark colored clothing seems to draw in those nasty critters.

If you're experiencing lots of skeeter action around the house, OFF says there are things you can do to help reduce the number of blood suckers.

  • Clean your gutters - clogged or debris filled gutters give mosquitos breeding grounds
  • Empty Standing Water - water is where the eggs are laid, so making sure there isn't water in buckets, bird feeders, plant pots, or any other receptacles that can hold water
  • Keep your grass mowed - tall grass can also be an area that can breed mosquitos

There are many bug sprays and repellents on the market, but according to Healthline, there are also some 'natural' repellents you can try to keep the skeeters away.

With all the possible harmful diseases mosquitos can carry, do you want to take a chance with something that isn't proven to work? Obviously not, but you also don't want to use a product that may cause harm to you or your family.

Inside Edition did a study to see what REALLY worked, you won't be surprised that all the products with DEET, were very successful.

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