It's not an everyday occurrence that the men and women who tasked with helping the public, actually find themselves in need of a little help, but it does happen.

The official Wyoming Highway Patrol Facebook page shared the photo of the helpers along with the following account of events:

Lieutenant Frye recently sent in a thank you to the kind folks who stopped and helped him change a tire on his patrol vehicle.

As I was on patrol yesterday, I heard a pop from the right side of the vehicle. I began to slow down, and my tire pressure monitor confirmed what I suspected - I was getting a flat tire. I pulled over and set to work changing it. My jack twisted, and my patrol car slipped off of it. As I was using a backup jack I carry to rescue the first jack, I heard someone call out, "Sir, do you need any help? We have another jack."

I looked behind me. Two cars had stopped on the service road adjacent to the interstate. I accepted their offer, and they got on the interstate to assist. In short order, with their assistance and their jack, we had my vehicle up, the spare tire on, and I was ready to be underway.

To these kind people who took time out of their day to assist me, many thanks to you. In a time where law enforcement in some parts of the country seems to be lacking support, I'm appreciative that isn't the case in Wyoming. I view law enforcement, among other things, to be helpers. Sometimes even the helpers need help, and it's great to know that Wyoming has people who will answer that call.

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It's definitely refreshing to see Wyomingites helping other Wyomingites, even more so when it's law enforcement. With the current state of affairs throughout the country right, especially after the Chauvin Trail and other similar incidents, that fact the Cowboy State is sticking to its core values is a light in an otherwise dark time.

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