As yesterday (May 9th, 2022), was Mother's Day, the official Casper Police Department Facebook page shared one of the most heartwarming family stories ever.

Brothers, Casson and Leighton Burgen talked about their mother, Deanne Burgen, was their inspiration for becoming first responders.


They say being a first responder can run in the family.

Growing up with a mom who serves in law enforcement, brothers Casson and Leighton Burgen, saw every day the sacrifices their mom, Deanne Burgen, a current and long-time Deputy with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, made to be a great first responder and mother.

“We always saw our mom as a very strong role model in our lives,” said Leighton Burgen, Firefighter/EMT with the Natrona County Fire District. “While we were younger, we never saw the negative side of the job which was a good thing. She always came home and made the best out of her time with us kids. As we got older, we started to understand more of what the job entails. I think it drove us all to want to do good in this community and to be able to find ways to help people, for the better.”

“Growing up, having a mother in law enforcement was different,” said Casson Burgen, Police Officer with the Casper Police Department. “She worked in the Youth Diversion Department and I was always worried I would run into one of her kids that would recognize me. I was worried that they would beat me if they didn’t like my mom. As I started to get older, I realized that she had a huge impact on most of them. Most said they loved my mother and she had a positive impact on them.”

Now, both Casson and Leighton work as part of the Natrona County first responder community alongside their mom.

“Anytime there is a medical or fire emergency at the jail, my fire department responds there and if I’m lucky enough, I get to see my mom,” Leighton said. “Everyone always has a good laugh when we walk into the jail and I yell out, “Hey Mama!” I’m hoping one day we get to have a full ‘family reunion’ and we get my mom, my brother and I together on a call. That would be something.”

“I think it's almost comical working in the same field as my mother,” Casson shared. “After I eventually moved out of my parent's house, I didn't think I was going to see them as much. Every now and again I end up arresting someone and seeing my mother at the book-in area. I think to this day, only a handful of people that I have arrested have put two and two together and realized that my mother is a deputy.”

For Deputy Burgen, her boys’ decision to serve our community is one she is proud of.

“As a mom, all I ever prayed for was that our kids would find true happiness and feel like what they choose to do in life makes a difference,” she shared. “My husband and I pushed them to get involved in different things and find their passion. As a family we enjoyed activities that revolved around serving others. It makes me so proud to watch them grow and find fulfillment in the career choices they have made. It makes us as parents feel like we did a good job. I am beyond proud of the work they do every day and the difference they make in our community. I am so blessed to be their mom.”

This Mother’s Day, we want to tell all moms in our community thank you for what you do, for raising great kids and for the sacrifices you make.

And the Burgen boys have a few more messages for theirs.

“Thank you for always believing in me,” Casson said. “And for giving me an avenue to talk to you when dealing with crazy, unusual calls. I have been beyond lucky and blessed to have someone so supportive and caring in my life. I love you mom.”

“Mom, you’re amazing!” Leighton added. “Thank you for everything that you have done for our family, and our community. Your passion for the job and the care you show to those in need is unwavering. You deserve the absolute best this Mother’s Day. We love you!”

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Having a mother that was a Casper police officer myself, I know it played a major role in my decision to join the U.S. Marine Corps right after high school. The dedication and intestinal fortitude it takes to be a first responder is often uncelebrated and under appreciated.

Here's to hoping the Burgen family had an awesome Mother's Day together and we thank Casson and Leighton for sharing this inspirational story.

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