Wyoming has proven to be a spectacular state for our men and women in uniform.

Memorial Day is rapidly approaching. It's a time to honor those men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending our freedom in this country. While we pay our respects to these individuals, we also honor those who are still with us. It's a great reminder for us to take care of our heroes.

That being said, contracts and careers come to an end as our veterans retire. And some states are better at catering to these individuals than others. According to WalletHub.com, one of the best states that our military can retire in is Wyoming. I can't say that I'm surprised. I mean, look at this place. It's gorgeous, peaceful and the true embodiment of what this great nation is all about.

However, Wallet Hub looked deeper. They looked into contributing socioeconomic factors like number of veterans, number of Veteran Affairs health facilities, job opportunities and more.

Here are their Top 10:

1. Florida

2. Montana

3. New Hampshire

4. Wyoming

5. South Carolina

6. Alaska

7. Maine

8. Texas

9. Arizona

10. Virginia


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