Well, we've now had a few December snowfalls and a heck of a lot of wind. So we are starting to get back into the grove of winter driving in Wyoming.

But before we get too cocky, do you remember those horrible blood and gore movies they had us watch in driver's ed? The videos below are just like that, to remind you to NOT be an idiot while winter driving.

I've been caught on Wyoming interstates and back highways during whiteout conditions when the roads have been closed. It was not intentional. During these times I've seen good drivers and IDIOTS. 


So, in a quick review, let's take a look at bad winter drivers and why they SUCK so much.

1). Ditch the EGO!

When weather conditions deteriorate it's a good idea to assess, do I really need to be doing this? The question is not if you can handle it or not. No one is arguing that. So get your ego out of the equation and think like a mature adult.

2). Drive on the dry side.

When on a multi-lane road like an interstate it's a better idea to stay in the slow line of traffic. Do not get into the passing lane and start passing people. The slow lane of heavy trucks and lots of creeping cars keeps the road on that side dry. Relax. Chill and take it slow.

3). Space it out.

This, of all times, is NOT the time to ride somebody's bumper. It's not a matter of how fast you can get your foot to the break it's about the laws of physics. How fast can your vehicle stop in these conditions? The worse the conditions the more room you need.

4). You can do everything right but still wipe out.

Both hands are on the wheel. Taking it nice and slow on the dry side. A gust of wind hits while you are on a patch of ice and snow you're spinning like an Olympic skater. This is another reason to make sure you are spaced from other vehicles. If everyone is packed tightly it will turn into bumper cars real fast.

One last pointer: Just because the sign says "Speed Limit 80" does not mean you have to do 80. Feel the conditions and choose the safe speed.

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