While school maybe out for the summer, it can be a time for young business entrepreneurs to learn how to make money.

The second annual Casper Lemonade Day is next month, and several hundred youngsters stopped by Hilltop National Bank in Casper on Monday, May 11th, to pick up their backpacks and workbooks, so they could learn how to start and run their own business.

Fourteen-year old Melody Klingensmith of Casper did not participate in last year's Lemonade Day event.

She says after watching a number of others run a lemonade stand, she said it looks like fun, although it may be harder than it looks.

"You have to get all the supplies and then get ready, and then when the day finally comes, then you actually have to sell it, so I'm hoping that lemonade sells."

Gary Trapkus of Hilltop National Bank explains why last year's event was a success.

"I think it was just kids want to become involved in businesses and learn and there's a little of the independence factor. They can go out and do something on their own. It's a way for them to earn money, without having to go and bother Mom and Dad, and I think that appeals to them"

Casper Lemonade Day is scheduled for Saturday, June 20th.