It makes sense, then, that the winner of the 2022 Lemonade Day Best Stand Contest would have a patriotic theme. That's because the entire point of Lemonade Day is to teach Casper's children how to begin pursuing 'The American Dream.'

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And what a dream it is!

Lemonade Day, presented by Hilltop National Bank, has been teaching Casper's youth a variety of lessons for the last 8 years; from entrepreneurship to financial literacy, construction, design, and so much more.

“Aside from the fun, Lemonade Day helps kids to plan, budget, seek funding, sell, repay ‘investors,’ save, and perhaps even donate to various causes," said Hilltop Bank President & CEO Greg Dixson. "It’s never too early to learn money management and entrepreneurial skills that stay with you a lifetime.”

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And many of those skills were on display on Saturday, as the city's budding entrepreneurs gathered to showcase their very own lemonade stands.

And what a sight to behold it was! More than 20 different stands adorned the Sutherlands Parking Lot, as these budding businesspeople all vied for the top spot, or 'Best Stand.'

While princesses and super heroes from Dream Upon A Princess looked on, offering songs and dance and 'super hero lessons' to the kids, judges went from stand to stand, hearing the stories and, of course, drinking the beverages from each miniature business.

Various themes were on display, from superheroes to dinosaurs, safaris, ladybugs and more. Each and every one of these stands were creative. They were well thought out. They were well built.

And they made us really, really thirsty.

In the end, it was Stand #14, from creator Airean Strong, that won the contest. His patriotic-themed stand embodied everything Lemonade Day stands for. It's the personification of the American Dream and it was really, really cool. Strong, for his efforts, won a tablet and a party at Jump Craze.

Second place belonged to Stand #1, from creator Winston Maxwell. Maxwell's mobile bicycle-themed stand won him a tablet as well, in addition to a party at Old Town Family Fun.

Every participant, however, won movie tickets, donated by WyoMovies.

But the real winners were those of us who got to drink the lemonade.

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And on Saturday, June 25, the rest of the community will have a chance to drink their weight in lemonade, as that's Casper's official 8th Annual Lemonade Day.

On that day, each of these kiddos will set up shop and sell their little hearts out.

Tom McCarthy, Casper’s Lemonade Day City Director, says Lemonade Day is important to the future of our community. “Financial literacy and an entrepreneurial spirit are essential building blocks for future business and community leaders. That we are able to cultivate those skills in such a fun way, with support from the entire city, is really incredible.”

So come out on June 25 and support these blossoming lemonheads as they begin their very first steps towards a future of entrepreneurship. The dollar you give them may very well be the very first dollar invested in this city's latest American Dream.

Photos of the various Lemonade Stands can be seen below:

2022 Lemonade Day Best Stand Contest

A collection of the extremely creative, clever, and cool 2022 Lemonade Day stands

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