When you're trying to impress the ladies, it doesn't really matter where you are. Some things just have to be settled here and now. That was the case for two bull elk who decided to spar over ladies in the middle of a Colorado playground.

This happened in Estes Park only a few weeks ago. It starts out peaceful with a huge elk herd just meandering around when two bull elk took a dislike to each other. It gets intense about halfway through the video.

As Visit Estes Park shared, it's all about who rules the harem. It's normally just a show of strength, but the fights can get rather intense. They point out that a young bull normally won't mess with an experienced elder bull, but when they are similar in size, a throw-down like this happens.

Now that October is in the rear view mirror, rutting season should calm down. The key word is "should" since 2020 has been anything but normal so far.

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