Wildlife is precious and knowing what they are capable of is always a good sign of common sense.

Often times, we Wyoming folk are know to take aim (figuratively speaking anyway) at the tourist in our national parks and on our roadways. So much so that we often time refer to them as tourons. For that reason, it is a nice change of pace to see a viral video where people are acting correctly and/or respectively around the wildlife.

A new video shared by the official ViralHog YouTube channel, shows a bulk elk challenging a blue pick-up truck to a dual.

During the near 1-minute footage, the driver intelligently stays in the vehicle, but also stops, as to not anger the elk, even though the large animal is stopping the traffic flow. Luck for the driver, the elk seems satisfied enough to have seemingly punked the truck. The driver then carefully drives by, mostly unscathed. Byt ehsize of the rack on the elk, it could have done some serious damage to the vehicle.

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Although there are mountains in the background of the video (and fog, which looks like much of Wyoming this week), by the look and color of the license plates, this didn't take place in the Cowboy State.


*A keen listener identified the location of the video as Estes Park, Colorado.* 

Regardless, we are in the midst of the elk rut season, so the driver (and those around him), definitely did the right thing by staying in their vehicles.

If only all humans were this cautious when dealing with wildlife.

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