If we subscribed to the VH1 philosophy that we all love the '80s then this article would not hold much weight. But the truth is, each state in America is different in their views of nostalgia from that decade. 

Somebody with way too much time on their hands perused through Facebook in each state just to see how much people in each part of the nation were interested in the '80s by using 15 iconic celebs and references, including:

Whitney HoustonMichael JacksonVan HalenMadonnaPee-wee HermanRonald ReaganMr. T"Dirty Dancing" . . .

"The Breakfast Club""Dallas""Miami Vice""The Cosby Show""The Golden Girls", Atari and the DeLorean DMC-12, the time machine car from "Back to the Future".

And here is what he learned:

Kentucky loves the '80s more than any other state...along with Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa.

When it comes to the states that could care less about the '80s?  Hawaii . . . followed by Utah, Alaska, Montana and South Dakota.