What are the most purchased Halloween costumes of 2013? We went on a mission to find out....

Intern Karen and myself went to a Spirit Halloween store and asked "What costumes are flying off the shelves? And..can we try them on?" Here's what we found out.

The new Little Mermaid Ursula costume and revamped Frankenstein costume are hot items this season.


For some reason, the Oktoberfest guy costume is a big hit. I guess it makes sense for people who enjoy the numerous brewery festivals this month. And the ultra-sexy superhero costumes for women are massive this year. If Spider-Woman isn't your style, check out Super Woman and Miss Captain America!


Sons of Anarchy costumes are HUGE this year. This is just a sample of some the bad ass biker gear you can purchase for Halloween.


Ted and The Regular Show characters are timely, and adorable all at the same time. We can only imagine that you'd receive more cuddles than candy if you wore these out in public.


Zombies are a hit year after year, but thanks to the success of The Walking Dead, zombie costumes are very hard to keep in stock in 2013.

Other notable mentions:

  • Raver Chick (Sexy neon and furry boots)
  • Gladiator (Think 300 or Game of Thrones)
  • Breaking Bad (Hazmat suits, meth face makeup)