No pun intended, but how did this news slip under the radar?

For one of our wedding anniversaries, my husband and I ate inside Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas. It's the giant ball in the sky that easily defined among the buildings in the city's skyline. Aside from an observation deck and a souvenir shop, there is a restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck. Since that night, we'e acquired an affinity for dining in the sky.

Enter the old control tower at Stapleton International Airport.

After sitting vacant and neglected, the air traffic control space has now been converted into a restaurant. According to CNN, Stapleton closed in 1995 so the opening of the Punch Bowl Social has brought this tower into the 21st century, but without losing it's character. Despite being new on the inside, the owners were adamant about keeping the historic exterior.

Even the original exterior panels were used to line the interior walls. In addition, the inside features pieces and design elements that will transport you back to the golden era of air travel. Not to mention the views one could get.

Check out the photos here.

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