Just outside of Casper is a place both somber and a little creepy. Tucked away is a land where the earth is slowly reclaiming the land. It is the Oregon Trail Pet Cemetery. This isn't a Steven King story. The pets buried here don't come back. It is the final resting spot for "Cordellia" and "Buzz The Cat. One Man's Best Friend."

These aren't pets who traveled the Oregon Trail. Most of the markers are dated to the 90s or 2000s. The fences around the grounds are falling down from wind or livestock. Cattle manure and pronghorn skat speckle the grounds. Some of the gravestones are illegible to erosion. Some are settling deeper and deeper in the ground. Sagebrush and weeds overtake the grounds. It is both heartfelt as a pet owner who has lost pets, but also a reminder that the land will take everything back, eventually.

The Oregon Trail Pet Cemetery Outside of Casper

Just outside of Casper is the final resting spot of some beloved pets. Unlike a Steven King story, they aren't coming back. Time, however, is reclaiming the grounds. Headstones are sinking back into the earth. Sagebrush and weeds overtake some stones, but the names still peek through to remind us of pets no longer with us.

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