It was announced at the Natrona County School Board's Trustees Meeting on Tuesday that an anonymous donor has pledged to donate $25,000 to both Kelly Walsh and Natrona County High School for "mental health services."

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"We had an anonymous donor give $25,000 to both NC and KW to be spent towards student and staff mental health," NCSD Board Treasurer Dave Applegate said at the meeting. "That's obviously very noteworthy, that we had someone in our community that was willing to support those two high schools with a private donation."

Board members voted on whether to accept the donation, and it was a resounding 'ay' from all members.

Raymond Catellier, the Board of Trustees Chair said that the donation was accepted and that it will, as was conditioned, be distributed evenly among the two high schools.

"I think this was an incredible gift," Catellier stated. "Mental Health services are extremely important, now more than ever."

The administration of each school will determine how the funds are distributed.

Video of the School Board meeting can be seen below, and it begins at the conversation surrounding the donation:

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