Christmas is a time for miracles. This was true last year when a man named John Miracle lived up to his namesake by donating $45,000 to Mimi's House. It's true this year, as well, because an anonymous donor has donated $50,000 to the Wyoming Food for Thought Project.

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"We were just checking the mail and we opened something up and there it was, this anonymous gift," said Jamie Purcell, the Executive Director of the Wyoming Food for Thought Project. "We've received donations like this before, but never anonymously. Their statement was that we need to use it however it will best benefit our organization."

Per their mission statement, the Wyoming Food for Thought Project "is a local grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to creating systems that enable all members of our community to access good, healthy, affordable food year-round."

In order to do that, their website states, they focus on three main initiatives, which are to provide, educate, and empower.

"Our mission is to create a local solution to hunger, whereby everyone - especially children - has direct and equitable access to good and healthy food, all year round," their website says. "We envision a world where diverse Wyoming communities feel connected to the land and each other, are proactive in the learning and implementation of food procurement, and everyone has access to fresh, local, healthy, affordable food at all times." 

It's a cause to believe in, and it has done a lot of good work for the community in Natrona County. Currently, Wyoming Food for Thought project has partnered with Stuff the Van to provide Christmas presents and food to families in Casper.

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"We are always focused on serving our community through our food bags and making sure that what we do benefits our community, and does so in a way that offers dignity and removes barriers to access" Purcell stated. "The thing we're continually focused on is creating a local solution to hunger. And that equates to not just feeding hungry kids, which is a huge part of what we do, but really looking at what the other mechanisms are for changing the food system in our community. We believe Food for Thought can be leaders and doers and really help change our local food system for the good of everyone. Our farmers' markets, our kitchens, our Good Food Hub, our food rescue; it all really matters."

It does matter. It matters to those who struggle with food insecurity, and it matters to the community as a whole. The donation that was offered proves that.

"When we get donations like this, so unexpectedly, it gives such validity to the work that we're doing and it makes us feel seen and acknowledged by our community," Purcell stated. "And I would just like to tell the person who donated this thank you. Thank you for believing in our work."


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