Dating in the Cowboy State is already difficult, but for those of us in the single and still mingling category, there are a few dating firsts that only a true Wyomingite would understand... awkwardness and all!

  • The first time you plan to go out together, you argue over who's vehicle to take. Her lift kit on her truck might be better, which always leads to an argument.
  • The first time you go out to dinner you have a hard time deciding what restaurant to eat at that will allow you to bring in your firearms, which is only an issue because you both refuse to leave them in the car.
  • Because Wyoming's population is so small, when you go out together in public for the first time, you run into ex-flames, which gets even worse when they know your new date.
  • When deciding where to eat on your first date, neither of you can agree on who makes the best chicken fried state (or gravy).
  • When you first start dating, you attempt to show off your manly sports knowledge, but quickly realize she knows more about NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, collegiate and high school sports than you.
  • The first time you watch Monday Night Football together, you realize you don't root for the same team (which for most Wyomingites means if it's not the Broncos, there's going to be violence).
  • On your way to pick her up the first time, you get stuck in a snow drift, but it's no big deal because her vehicle is big enough to get you out.
  • The first time you sleep over at your significant others house, it's uncomfortable for you both, because you're too hot and she's too cold or vice versa.
  • The first time you met your significant other's parents, you immediately get scared, because you're 100% sure your parents dated each other in high school.


This is just tentative list and considering the fact that I'm still single, I'm pretty sure I've forgotten quite a few. If you have any more suggestions for awkward Wyoming dating firsts, be sure to leave them in the comments.

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