Inflation has impacted almost every aspect of Americans’. Right down to romance.

According to a recent survey Americans say they’re now dating less because of the rising costs.

Dinner at restaurants has gotten far too expensive. Even going to a show of some kind and getting a coffee after can run up a heck of a bill.

If you're into that phase when you buy flowers and other gifts and are thinking you don't really want to spend the money on those things right now, you're not alone. Those prices have skyrocketed too.

Because of this people are going on fewer dates.

Even those who like to meet new people through dating apps have begun opting for the free version of the app rather than paying a monthly fee.


Traveler or hiker in the mountains

You live in WYOMING where great dates don't need to cost anything!

In this state, you can become a cheap date without looking like you're a cheap date.

Taking someone to a beautiful place for a walk and bringing a light yet interesting snack with you is a great way to get to know someone.

This means that you'll have to actually, GASP, talk to each other.

It's not just the great outdoors that can be explored. There are so many places to spend time together that don't actually cost any money like historic places.

But if you want to stay home then just cooking dinner together at your own house and watching tv is a great date night. But you'll have to clean your house first, so, there's that.


Got bikes? Go ridding.

Go hiking.


Go to public places to sit and judgmentally people watch. It's wrong but fun.

There are many free museums no matter where you live.

All you have to do is NOT BE BORING. 

You've got this.

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