Just in time for the Halloween season, Backwards Distilling Company is releasing a new bourbon. Introducing Frankenbourbon.

The official Backwards Distilling Facebook page posted the following message along with the photo (pictured above):

After years of meticulous experimentation, the time has nearly come to awaken our monster. The full moon on October 13th will provide ideal conditions for the reanimation of specimen #1.

For those who are still more than a little curious, Backwards also posted this message on Saturday (October 5th, 2019):

What is Frankenbourbon?

Our Head Distiller/Mad Scientist created twenty-five unique recipes of bourbon to develop our signature Bourbon recipe, working with different proportions of corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley. However, every batch of experimental whiskey yielded a little bit more whiskey than could fit into one barrel. The parts and pieces of these experimental whiskeys were collected, stitched together and aged in a single barrel to create the most exclusive and peculiar bourbon created by Backwards Distilling Company.

Specimen Number One: Ten different experiments, ten unique bourbons, aged together in a heavily charred new American oak cask, cask #13, left to slumber until October 13th, 2019.

We will never recreate this particular expression of Bourbon again and it is limited to less than six hundred half-sized bottles.

Every Halloween we will release a new Frankenbourbon as a snapshot of the experiments Backwards Distilling Co has undergone. Each specimen will be abnormal and unique, with obscure flavors derived from our extensive experimentation.

More details about the launch coming soon!

Frankenbourbon - Backwards Distilling Company
Backwards Distilling Company via Facebook

I am super excited about this limited edition bourbon. Off the design of the bottle alone, I have already decided to purchase one for my collection.

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