Having issues waking up in the morning? Maybe you need a little something stronger than caffeine alone? How about coffee served by a bikini-clad barista? Man Cave Coffee might be your answer.

Man Cave Coffee is a coffee kiosk offering beautiful women in lingerie and a premium cup of coffee. Tomorrow (March 15th, 2016), at 5:30am is their soft opening. The grand opening will be April 1st, 2016. The owners, Elisha Brown and Josh Johnson have stated that ladies need not to feel left out. There will be 2 girls and 1 guy (in shorts... boxers maybe?), but they are planning several ladies during the course of a month.

Other than a "cup of Joe", they will also be serving smoothies. Later on down the timeline, they plan to serve food as well.

Man Cave Coffee is located 840 E. 2nd Street (across from Lime Leaf Asian Bistro).

This is definitely something new! With so many different coffee huts around town, maybe the bikini aspect is just the niche to set them apart. If it worked for Hooters...