I finally did what I thought I would never do... I got Botox last night in my forehead and underarms and I didn't stop there... I got Juvederm, too!

Here I am, 40 years old, and being on the radio, I have to be in front of a lot of people and I have a big event in particular coming up at the end of the month that I'm nervous about. So when my friend told me she was having a Botox party, I jumped at the change.

I have to say the event was rather uneventful. The person administrating it was professional and used a numbing cream so you could barely feel the needle. I must have been pretty funny driving home though! With the Juvederm you really want to make sure to keep the muscles around your face still and with the Botox, you want it to spread and fill in where the wrinkles are, so I was driving home winking, raising my eyebrows, scrunching up my forehead, etc...

Am I vain? Do I care? I didn't think I'd ever go the Botox route but as I get older, I realize a picture lasts forever!