There is so much musical talent in and around the Casper area and not just in the Country genre. A prime example is local singer and rapper Micheal "Stylez" Ruiz.

In mid April, Stylez released a new music video for his song, Gotta Love It, which has a laid back, west coast, R&B feel.

I spoke to Stylez and he gave me a little background on his introduction into making music, as well as the inspiration behind "Gotta Love It":

I made my first song when I was 15. It wasn't intentional. I just recorded myself making sounds [and] adding them together to make a beat for fun. The more I listened to it, the more I started thinking how much better it would've been with words. So I wrote lyrics and recorded my first song! The house in the video that I'm in front of and inside was the house I lived in when I made that very first song. The apartments were in North Casper Apartments along the river. The video was filmed and created by 93 films and media by Miss Spring Degrado and Joshua Shaw. The instrumental for the song was also created by another talented local here in casper, King Wilson. The inspiration for the song was for self empowerment and not to stress ourselves over our imperfections, rather to love and trust yourself along with the situations at hand.

For now, we'll be keeping this one on repeat while we wait for the complete Stylez album, which he assures us is coming soon.

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