It's always a pleasure to see local, Wyoming talent following their dreams. We often forget that the Cowboy State is a melting pot of different musical styles, other than just Country. Enter Cur, the latest Wyoming-bred Hip-Hop sensation.

Cur, whose birth name is Currington Campbell, was born in Casper and raised in Evansville. His introduction to music came at a very young age. His grandmother who raised him, bought him a small electric piano which had 52 different sounds and 13 melodies. While watching television and listen to music, Cur would emulate the songs on the keyboard, which continued through 5th grade. After a music fair at his school, Evansville Elementary, he stumbled upon the vibrant warm and strong sound of the cello, which he continued to play until his sophomore year of college.

Fast forward to 2010. After losing his best friend to a snowboarding accident, Cur found himself engrossed in Hip-Hop music. Already having a musical background, he began taking Rap music more serious around the fall of 2011. He hasn't looked back since.

His latest music video for "Listen Now" has already reached over 200,000 views on YouTube. The desert scenes were shot in Rock Springs, with the bulk of the video being filmed at an old gas station in Green River.

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