Casper City Council on Tuesday approved on first reading a change to the ordinance about litter control.

City Manager Carter Napier said two words would be added: "with covers."

The suggested change came as a result of a resident's concern about blowing trash and debris from construction sites, according to the agenda for Tuesday's meeting.

"The current requirements mandate that contractors have on-site containers for the disposal of litter; however, there is no current requirement that the containers be covered to prevent wind from blowing the trash and debris out of the container," according to a memo from Community Development Director Liz Becher.

"The proposed amendment would mandate that all on site refuse containers at construction and demolition sites have covers," Becher wrote.

During the public comment period, Joe Toups said that using netting to cover dumpsters would be safer than using solid covers to control litter.

A wind-blown solid cover would be dangerous, Toups said.

LeRoy Erickson of Waste Connections of Wyoming said the proposal is vague because it doesn't specify the kind of cover. Erickson also questioned who would be liable -- such as the owner, the hauler, the contractor -- for the covering if it were to blow off the container and injure someone or damage property.

The council agreed to review the language of the proposed changed before the second reading scheduled for May 19.

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