I have been driving by the intersection of Elk Street and 1st Street for the past twenty years. Two weeks ago was the first time I noticed the stop signs had been removed.

It's worth noting, that roughly about a month or so ago, I do remember seeing flashing signs saying the stop signs were going away, but muscle memory ain't no joke! I know I'm not the only one still finds myself breaking and/or slowing down still when I get close.

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It is super convenient not having to stop there anymore, I will admit. It means there is no stop light or stop signs now on East 1st Street from Yellowstone Highway, all the way down to Beverly Street. Now if only I can teach my brain to remember that.

It totally makes sense to not have the stop signs there anymore since the school is closed too.

This wouldn't be the first intersection in Casper to get a makeover in the last two decades. I also remember when they made it a 4-way stop at the Beverly Street and 21st Street intersection. I can barely count how many times I ran (or nearly ran) through that one at first.

Oh, well... I guess change is inevitable.

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