The man who killed his father with an arrow shot from a compound bow and stabbed his father's girlfriend in Casper had applied for a gun permit prior to the murders. According to the Vernon, Connecticut, Police Department, 25-year-old Chris Krumm applied for a pistol permit in October. Authorities in Connecticut were still processing the application and fingerprint card at the time of the killing on the campus of Casper College.



According to Vernon Police Lt. William Meier, the application was pending, and no permit had been issued. The process usually takes about eight weeks. Police in Vernon, where Chris Krumm had been living, searched his home a few hours after the killings. Nothing hazardous was found during that search.

Casper Police say Chris Krumm drove from Connecticut to Casper, and on Friday morning, fatally stabbed his father’s girlfriend, 42-year-old Heidi Arnold at the couple’s home on Hawthorne. He then went to the classroom where his 56-year-old father James Krumm taught at Casper College, and shot him in the head with an arrow fired from a compound bow. Despite his wound, investigators say the elder Krumm fought with his son, allowing students to escape without injury. Chris Krumm then stabbed himself, before fatally stabbing James Krumm with a knife. When police arrived, they found James Krumm dead from his wounds, and the younger Krumm gasping his last breaths. He died a short time later.