There are a lot of fun things that we did as kids that can still be done as an adult. It some cases, I might even be more fun now.

I remember my mother used to say when I was a child:

Boys never really grow up... there toys just get more expensive.

I didn't really understand that until I became a man. Case in point, one of my favorite past times as child is now a worldwide adult phenomenon. It's called Trike Drifting, but all it really is is Big Wheels for grownups. That being said, it's probably a little bit more dangerous.

Adult big wheels can cost anywhere from about $150.00 for the ones with no motors, which is truer to the original kid versions. You just have to pedal... or find a really big hill (like say: Casper Mountain). Of course there are the gas and electric powered motor types, which can cost upwards of $2400.00!

If that's a little too much coin to spend on grownup toys, check out the video below for an awesome DIY version, which isn't that expensive.

With the plethora of videos I found YouTube (and believe me, there are plenty), I really think big wheel drifting and racing would be an interesting event to do on Casper Mountain. We might have to shut down some travel for a few hours, but I totally think it would be worth it! Teens, men, women, literally everyone and anyone could have some fun with this!

I don't know how we need to speak to, but I really think this needs to be a thing this summer. Even if we couldn't use the mountain, there just has to be some hilly Casper area we could section of for this.

I'm down! Are you?

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